BHI Cheltenham Branch Summer Outing June 2022

Cheltenham Branch Outing to R.A.F. Museum Cosford on 8th June 2022
Our day together started well with us all meeting in the car park on time despite the challenges of the M5 M6.
A cup of coffee and Denise calling us gentlemen put us all in the right frame of mind to enjoy ourselves!
The museum has most of its collection gathered together in four very large hangers: “War in the Air”, “Test Flight”, “Cold War Exhibition” and “Transport and Training”; there were also some external aircraft.
The ample space allowed the presentation of larger aircraft that are not possible to see so readily, if at all, in other locations. Some particularly obscure experimental aircraft were gathered together and exhibited. It is difficult to realise now that there was a huge amount of Government support given to the aviation industry in the 40’s and 50’s and this was represented by the diversity of manufacturers and aircraft produced in those years.
All the aircraft were interesting, some particularly resonated with me:
The replica Bristol Bullet and the Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, both of them rare examples of Great War aircraft.
The TSR2 a “what if?” aircraft, cancelled at the end of it’s development
The vertically displayed English Electric Lightning and hoping that the wires supporting it were strong enough as I walked beneath
The three “V” Bombers.
Tucked away, the little Flying Flea and the nearby Junkers 52 (of a type as seen in “Where Eagles Dare”).
My favourite though was the Hawker Hart trainer, such a lovely looking biplane and a real rarity. Very similar in shape to the rubber powered Hawker Fury that I flew as a child!

Thank you so much Denise for organizing the visit for us all.