BHI Cheltenham Branch – Bring & Buy Sale 6th July 2019

The following is a sample of what was for sale.

Description Price
Ansonia 8 Day Drop Dial Wall Clock (Restoration Project) £30.00
Seikosha 8 Day Oak Mantel Clock (Requires Servicing) £50.00
HAC Arch Top 30 Hour Mantel Clock with E Pluribus Unum Label and Round Reverse Painted Panel (Fully Restored) £100.00
Ansonia 8 Day Drop Dial Terrys Patent Calendar Wall Clock (Restoration Project) £190.00
Marquetry Inlaid Clock with Silvered Dial Count Wheel and Silk Suspension by W Promole a Paris (Restoration Project) £230.00
Brass Inlaid Mahogany Regency Drop Dial Fusee Timepiece (Serviced but Requires Case and Dial Restoration) £525.00
Drocourt Striking Carriage Clock in Leather Carrying Case (Escapement Fault) £360.00
Pocket Watch Cylinder Height Gauge in Leather Case £150.00
Tickoprint Watch/Clock Timer with Microphone & Paper Reels (Not Working) £25.00
New Unused Wooden File Handles (Each) £1
New Unused Stubbs 4” Flat & Round Engineers Files (Each) £2
New Unused Stubbs 8” Half Round #2 Engineers Files (Each) £2.50
New Unused Stubbs Needle Files (Each) £5
Lantern Clock Frame with Frets and Dial (New) £75.00
Quantity of old mainsprings £10.00
Gilbert 8 Day Striking Clock Movement £20.00
Collection of Alarm Clock Balance Wheels & Springs £20.00
Part Finished Regulator Winding Barrels Mounted on Arbors (4) With Part Finished Maintaining Work £20.00
15 Finished and Part Finished Pocket Watch Cylinder Balance Staffs £45.00
Postman’s Alarm and Ogee Weights (Each) £5
Single 8 Day Longcase Weights (Each) £25
Paired 8 Day Longcase Weights (Pair) £60
Longcase Bells (Each) £35
Small Bells (Each) £5
Longcase Parts (Each) £3
French / German / American Parts (Each) £1
French / German Mainspring Barrels (Each) £2
Superb ½ Second London Style Early C19th English Bracket Clock Pendulum £100
Small London Style Pendulum £50
Longcase Pendulum with Brass Rod £10
Vintage Postcards Of American Clock And Watch Factories (Each) £5

Staking set (new)£150.00
Micrometer, spanner and box (Moore & Wright)£ 20.00
Set of 5 watch screwdrivers£ 1.00
Set of 8 watch screwdrivers£ 5.00
Watch holder, boxed, Swiss made (Star)£ 10.00
13’’ Movement holder with clamping system (Bergeon 2640)£ 10.00
10.5’’ Movement holder with clamping system (Bergeon 2640)£ 10.00
8.75’’ Movement holder with clamping system (Bergeon 2640)£ 10.00
6.75’’ Movement holder with clamping system (Bergeon ?641)£ 7.50
5.25’’ Movement holder with clamping system (Bergeon ??41)£ 7.50
Agéd eye glass£ .10
Quartz movement 16 mm standard shaft£ 3.00
Quartz movement 12 mm short I shaft£ 3.00
Basic quartz alarm clock£ 1.00
Two watch gaskets£ .50
Ladies expandable bracelet£ 3.00
Gentleman’s expandable bracelet£ 3.00
Ladies ‘leather’ bracelet, boxed£ 3.00
Alfex watch with 6 coloured bezels, boxed£ 5.00
Crocodile clips per pair£ .10
Headphone adaptor£ 1.00
Clock Movement for spares£ 1.00
German clock movement for spares£ 3.00


Description Price
Worlds Great Clocks & Watches, Cedric Jagger £20.00
European Clocks, E J Tyler £15.00
French Clocks, W Edey £7.50
Antiques & their Values – Clocks & Watches (1976) Lyle publications £5.00
Chats on Old Clocks, Lloydq £5.00
Clocks in the British Museum, Hugh Tait (1968) £5.00
Clocks & Watches, Eric Bruton £20.00
Antique Clocks & Clock Collecting, Eric Bruton £15.00
British Clocks Illustrated, Brian Loomes £30.00
Clocks, Simon Fleet £5.00
Complete British Clocks, Brian Loomes £20.00
Old Clocks for Modern Use, E Wenham £10.00
History of Clocks & Watches, Eric Bruton £20.00
In Quest of Old Clocks, K Ullyett £20.00
Clocks in Colour, A Nichols £10.00
Repairing Antique Clocks, A guide for Amateurs, Eric P Smith £15.00
Horological Hints & Helps, F W Britten £10.00
English Domestic Clocks, Cescinsky & Webster £20.00
The Horolovar 400-Day Clock Repair Guide C Terwilligar (7th edition) £15.00
Other items:  
Cuckoo Clock for restoration £30.00
English 8-day Longcase movement for restoration £40.00 (two off)
American Shelf Clock Case, 30-hr £5.00
American Shelf Clock Case, 8-day with part movement £5.00
30-hr American Shelf Clock for restoration £20.00
8-day American Shelf Clock for restoration £30.00
3 hammer heads £3.00
box of assorted clock movements/dials £5.00
box of click-spring wires (assorted) £2.00
box of copper stock £2.00
Phosphor-bronze clock line £3.15/m
Nylon line (NOT mono-filament) £0.55/m
2-train Vienna Regulator (restored & guaranteed) £550.00
American New Haven ‘9¼’ spring drive strike movement C/W pendulum £10
Travelling case for repeat strike carriage clock £30
Travelling case for repeat strike carriage clock £20
Travelling case for repeat strike carriage clock £10