Watch and Clock Fair 2023


Henri Picard & Frere Ltd Clock & Watch repair Materials & Tools, Optical aids & Tweezers, Horolene & Renata Essence & Oils, Clock Pins , Brass & Pivot Steel
Graham Rowsel Vintage wrist watches clock parts long case movements
Richard Stuart Project clocks, Pendulums and keys: English longcase and fusee, French, German and American, Movement parts: Good sorted selections of wheels, levers, racks, flies, clicks, cocks, Brocot adjusters, movement straps etc., Platform escapement spares: Cocks, balance wheels, escape wheels, pallets & jewels, Hole end mainsprings: 40 sizes of new old stock, Stubbs needle and engineers files (new old stock)
Time Factor Lathes accessories & tooling, Quality hand tools, Miniature imperial/metric taps & dies, Carriage clocks, Period wrist watches