BHI Cheltenham Branch – News

We meet on the second Wednesday of the month.

We meet in person, respecting social distancing and other Covid precautions as appropriate please email the Secretary, secretary at

14th February 2024. Mr Tobias Birch: Title not yet known.

13th March 2024. Mr Robert Wren:”Roland Jarvis BSc. FBHI. “I’m not working, I’m playing.” Artist and Clockmaker 1926-2016. His Clocks and the Conservation of his Month Astronomical Regulator with Planetarium”

10th April 2024. Member’s Night: Bring and discuss

8th May 2024. Mr Martin Rowling: Single Handed Forging

12th June 2024. Outing.

11th September 2024. Dr Stephen Johnston: “Time, Sun and Stars: the Astrolabe and the Cosmos”

9th October 2024. David Poole: Which Regulator

13th November 2024. A.G.M. Members Night and discussion evening with cheese and wine.